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Overview: be2 is one of the fastest growing dating sites in the world with a distinct international flavor. be2 has over 34,918,688 registered users, over 20,000 daily, from 37 different countries and 12 languages. Typically best for over 35 singles with a desire for more serious relationships. The gender split of members is 57% females and 43% males.

Matching System: be2 uses a proprietary relationship/personality quiz upon registering at their dating site. This quiz was updated in 2013 to be more streamlined and efficient. The quiz was developed with a lot of sociological, anthropological and psychological research from experts, to determine which qualities indicate a personality match between two individuals. It is estimated to take approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey which is used to match you with other members.

Features: A fantastic feature from be2 is members are only able to search people who according to the personality quiz and questions people answered are good matches for them. This creates less clutter and annoying mail from members who may be low quality, far away or a really bad match for you. Likewise, when searching for singles in your area, only those identified as potential matches will be shown. This has proven to give users a much better and focused experience, making the search functions relevant.  The internal messaging system at Be2 is far from flawless, but does an effective job at being able to communicate with other paid members in real instant conversations.  Once you find someone compatible and share messages, you will find the instant messaging features very useful.

Cost: be2 is on par with most other dating sites in terms of cost. Depending on your country, the costs may vary a bit. Look out for special introductory offers for premium membership. Many countries offer trial memberships for a week or more for as little as $5. Don’t forget it’s an auto renew membership unless you cancel.  A 3 month term will cost around $50 per month, but if you buy a year package it goes down to $25 per month.

Customer Service: be2 has increased their customer service reps lately to respond to inquiries. They really pride themselves on good customer service and it shows. Compared to even a year ago, be2′s service has vastly improved. This is likely due to many negative reviews over the last few years regarding how hard people found it to cancel their memberships. This serious matter has been more than adequately addressed by be2, putting on more staff to handle requests and timely responses.  You can expect top notch response times and handling of any situation, including online dating safety.

Summary: We fully endorse be2 as a viable online dating option for everyone. Because of their vast worldwide presence and userbase, odds of finding someone special are pretty decent. be2 states that 40% of users who cancel their memberships say they are leaving because they found a match on the website. In the dating industry, that is a good sign.