JewishCafe review

JewishCafe Review

Meet free Jewish singles in a safe dating environment and communicate with your potential matches for three weeks, free of charge.
Top Highlights:
– A free 3-week trial to experience the dating service and features;
– The site offers both online dating services and social networking;
– Sponsored offline events for members;
– Limited free membership;
– A safe social networking environment;
– Affordable dating service aimed at Jewish community;
– Get extra free on-site time by referring the JewishCafe dating site to friends.
Free Options
Raw numbers
A niche dating site for Jewish singles only;
A 3-week free membership;
All sorts of relationship formats, from friendship and relationships;
Sponsored offline events for members;
Affordable monthly membership.
The site’s navigation is cluttered;
Menus are complicated;
A lot of incomplete profiles.
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Best for: Jewish people who want to explore dating services and find same-minded people for romantic relationships and more.

Free options: Joining JewishCafe is entirely free, and you can use the free account to get a full tour of the dating service, engage with other members in chat room conversations for two weeks, send winks and messages, enlarge photos of potential matches, and more.

Customer support: JewishCafe is a safe dating site where you can meet other Jewish singles for the sake of engaging in a romantic and meaningful relationship. The site provides each member with enough safety features to guarantee their safety and privacy, and assistance if they need it.

Expert’s commentary: The JewishCafe dating site is a niche dating site that aims to provide each member with a safe dating environment. One where they can chat with other members in a romantic, inviting, and warm setting that reminds them of going on a coffee date with someone they like. Read our full JewishCafe review to find out more.

Prevailing relationship format: Serious relationships, lasting connections, true love, friendship, online dating, and marriage.

How Does the Service Work

JewishCafe is a niche dating site that aims to provide the Jewish community with a safe and secure dating environment where they can meet same-minded singles for the sake of romantic relationships, friendship, true love, and beyond. 

The moment you complete the registration process, you’re free to start browsing for matches. Thanks to its great features, the site makes it easier to find potential partners. More importantly, a 3-week trial is quite enough for every new member to decide whether they want to become members for good or not.

Sign Up Process

One of the biggest downsides of JewishCafe is the unnecessarily long sign-up process that takes up to 20 minutes to complete. New members are required to go through three pages of information before they can start using a free trial. Here are the basic steps of signing up:

  • The first page – your basics, the preferred gender you’re interested in, date of birth, email address, username, and password;
  • The second page – your age, favorites, and physical traits;
  • The third page – you’ll be required to answer short questions regarding your hobbies, what it means to be Jewish for you, and your favorite vacation destination.
JewishCafe Sign Up Process

Search Filters

JewishCafe provides a range of features for browsing for potential matches. Thanks to many search filters at hand, you can browse by location, drinking and smoking habits, age, and more. 

If you don’t feel like bothering with search filters, there are instant features like the Quickmatch option that puts you in contact with matches that are interested in the same kind of relationship, in your age range, and close to your location.

Messaging System

The moment you complete your profile, the free trial allows you to browse for other members, send messages and winks, and join the chat room to start a conversation.

The free account allows you to send messages and winks for two weeks and take a full tour of the site to explore and experience it in full. However, if you want to continue to use all available features, you’ll need to upgrade your membership.

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Reliability and Safety

The JewishCafe offers a safe dating environment where members can count on an array of safety features, such as:

  • Private mailbox
  • Hide location feature
  • Advanced filtering
  • Mailblock
  • Username protection
  • Dating safety tips
  • Password retrieval
  • FAQ
  • Privacy statement
  • Get help via Contact Us form
JewishCafe dating site review

Help & Support

In case you need help and support with anything on JewishCafe, you can either use the Help page or the Contact Us form. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, you can send an email to and get help almost instantly. 

The site seems to invest a lot of effort in ensuring the safety of members. However, even with this being so, there is still a large number of incomplete profiles.


While JewishCafe allows you to join for free and experience the whole offer of the site for three weeks without spending a dime, it does require you to upgrade to a paid membership after the free trial expires. The free account allows you to:

  • Create an account;
  • Browse profiles;
  • Use all search features;
  • View photos;
  • Send messages and winks;
  • Join chat rooms;
  • Use key features such as Quickmatch, News, and free extra time for referrals;

After the 3-week free trial expires, members are required to upgrade to a paid membership to continue to use the site’s services. Paid features are the same as free features.


The JewishCafe dating site is a niche dating site reserved for the Jewish community. It allows Jewish singles to get together in a safe and secure virtual environment where they can exchange photos and messages, engage in private conversations, and find same-minded people to start relationships, friendships, or something more. 

While the site is quite affordable when compared to competitors, the navigation is confusing, and the site itself is a bit cluttered. Although there are many safety features, there are many incomplete profiles, and the members’ activity is low.

JewishCafe mission


1. How to change your profile on JewishCafe?

If you’re already a member of JewishCafe, you should know that the site doesn’t allow existing members to create a new profile. In case you want to change your profile, simply send an email to and include your basic information to let the site know what you have in mind.

2. How many members are there on JewishCafe?

We don’t have this information at the moment.

3. Why did JewishCafe delete my account?

If JewishCafe deleted your account, there are two reasons to consider:

  • Your profile has been permanently removed due to breaking the Community Standards.
  • Your account has been archived – the site archives profiles that have been inactive for a longer period. You can reactivate it easily by sending a request to retrieve your account.

Short Love Stories

Phil, 36

I am 36 and have been looking for a woman to start a family with for a very long time. Fortunately, I’ve met my wife on JewishCafe, and we’re planning a future together

Melissa, 28

As a Jew, I am a bit conservative when it comes to meeting strangers. It took me a while to relax and be myself, but JewishCafe connected me with so many fine Jewish men. Now, I’m a mum and a happily married woman. Trust me, it works!

Service Users’ Testimonials

Angela, 36

A friend of mine told me about JewishCafe and how great it was for her. So, I decided to give it a try, and I am glad I did. I’ve finally found the love of my life

Alexandra, 41

If someone told me that I’d meet the father of my children online, I wouldn’t believe them. Well, I do now as I am happily in love with the man of my dreams and all thanks to JewishCafe