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Facebook Dating Review

Reliable dating site for Facebook iOS and Android 18+ users.
Top Highlights
– Facebook Dating is a dating service that uses your Facebook data to provide more relevant matches;
– The service is free to use for anyone 18+;
– You can access the dating service through a new feature embedded on the Facebook app;
– The service guarantees increased privacy by keeping the profile and chat-box separated from Facebook;
– More focused matching by limiting the selection to people who live within the range of 100 miles from your location
Mobile App
Free Options
Raw numbers
Easy to sign up and create a profile;
Connected to your Facebook and Instagram;
Increased privacy;
The app is totally free;
Only available to 18+ mobile Facebook users;
No built-in video chat option or desktop version;
New users need to have Facebook accounts
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Best for adult males and females looking for meaningful relationships.

Free options: The service allows the users to use the app for free, with no additional costs or charges.

Customer support: The same customer support for Facebook;

Expert’s commentary: Facebook Dating is a free-to-use dating service mobile app that allows 18+ Facebook users to locate potential matches within a 100-mile range near their location. It’s a user-friendly dating app that allows the user to find meaningful relationships with people they probably know already but never got in contact with. 

Prevailing relationship format: Finding meaningful relationships.

Raw numbers: 30,000,000 members from USA, 10,000,000 active weekly, gender proportion: 57% males – 43% females, average rating: 3.5/5, recommended age: 25-34

How Does the Service Work

Launched in 2018 by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Dating became available around September 2019. The service is designed to help American 18+ singles find meaningful relationships by recommending matches based on the available Facebook data. 

From the moment the service hit the market, it took the world of dating by storm. Since there are countless Facebook users interested in giving Facebook Dating a try, let’s delve deeper into this Facebook Dating review to reveal the juicy details and help you see whether this service is for you or not.

How Does Facebook Dating Work

Sign Up Process

You’ll need a Facebook account to use the Facebook Dating service. However, keep in mind that creating an account doesn’t automatically give you access to the dating feature, as these are entirely separated services. 

The new feature has been embedded on the Facebook app itself. Once you create a dating account by signing up on Facebook Dating, you’ll get a separate profile, as well as a messaging inbox. Signing up is simple and takes only a minute or so. Follow these steps to create your profile:

  • Create an account on Facebook (if you don’t have one already).
  • Opt -in to activate Facebook Dating.
  • Use your phone’s location service to verify your location.
  • Enjoy privacy and discretion by keeping your dating account completely private.

Search Filters

Facebook Dating allows you to find people within 100 miles of your location. The app has quite an innovative and sophisticated matchmaking process. It uses the available Facebook data, such as mutual friends, hobbies, and likes to recommend matches. 

There are filters you can use to fine-tune your matching even more. Set these parameters to only see people who fit your preferences on age, religion, location, language, height range, gender, and so on. If you see a user you like, send your interest to them – just be mindful of the limit on how many members you can send your interest to. 

Unlike other dating apps, this Facebook Dating site doesn’t allow you to swipe right if you’re not interested. Instead, you’ll have to tap Not Interested.

Messaging system

Since the app is designed for singles looking for meaningful relationships, the messaging system is a bit more strict than on your average dating app. If you want to let someone know you’re interested, you’ll have to put some effort into it.

Messaging someone includes picking either a photo from a person’s profile or a question that is somehow related to them. Once you’ve sent your message, you won’t be able to see their profile until they respond. 

To find matches, you can browse groups and events. The most important thing to know about messaging is that you have to like the other person to send messages and have conversations. 

Mobile App

Facebook Dating is entirely designed for mobile users only. There is no desktop version. However, it’s not a standalone app, but rather a feature that you can choose to use while using your Facebook account/profile. You can access Facebook Dating via your Android or iOS device. The app is 100% responsive and fully optimized to fit various Android/iOS devices.

Facebook Dating Mobile App

Once you access your regular Facebook profile, you’ll see a little heart icon under your profile tab. You don’t have to create a Facebook Dating profile if you don’t want to use it. The app alone is very user-friendly – creating an account takes only a minute or so, and you can connect with all the people in your Facebook Friends section.

Reliability and Safety

Facebook Dating app is as reliable as your regular Facebook mobile app. Since it’s almost the same thing, all the Facebook security mechanisms are up and running. There is a section called Safety Tips where you can find all the information you need to engage in safe dating online. 

For more information about security, head over to Facebook Help Center, where you can find all the necessary information on security measures, how to keep your account safe, and FAQs about avoiding spam and scams. 

Keep in mind that blocking a person on the app doesn’t block them on Facebook too. In case someone makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can also report them, and you’ll never come in contact with them again.

Help & Support

From the moment you enter the app for the first time, you’ll notice a section named Safety Tips. You can get top dating safety tips on this page, learn about meeting online, how to recognize a scammer, and how to meet in person and stay safe at the same time. You have two options to stay safe:

  • Block anyone who makes you feel unsafe
  • Report suspicious individuals

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Home page, you’ll find two more sections – Safety and Help. The Safety page deals with Facebook Dating safety guidelines and additional questions you might have. Help page deals with frequently asked questions. You can also use the Privacy settings to manage matching and suggestion preferences. 


The Facebook Dating site is free. You’re free to use it however you please. Just create an account and start searching for potential matches.


Facebook Dating is a trustworthy and reliable dating app for 18+ American singles. It is designed to allow mobile Facebook users to engage with people they may or may not know on a deeper level and establish meaningful relationships. 

The app is free to use, packs quite a few smart and intuitive features, and comes with a user-friendly interface. It takes only a minute to create a profile, and the rest is easy. If you’re tired of dating apps for hookups and one night stands, Facebook Dating might just be the thing you’re looking for.


How to activate Facebook Dating? 

To activate the Facebook Dating app, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Facebook mobile app and open it;
  • Tap the gear menu button;
  • Tap Dating and follow the instructions to set up your profile;

How does Facebook Dating work?

Facebook Dating works by using all available data about you from your existing Facebook data and using it to further customize and personalize your profile and matching preferences. 

The app is packed with useful features you can use to locate potential matches, get meaningful recommendations, manage your profile, navigate additional options, and more. Send messages, like photos, engage in conversations, use chat to engage contact, and more.

How to use the Facebook dating app?

Facebook Dating is designed to help 18+ American singles locate same-minded people from within 100 miles near their location. If you want to use the dating app, all you have to do is update your mobile device, iOs, or Android, to make sure you have the dating feature embedded in your Facebook app. Tap the app and follow the instructions on how to use it.

How to change the location on Facebook dating?   

If you want to check or change your dating location, simply follow these steps:

  • Open your Facebook app and tap Dating;
  • Tap Profile and go to Edit;
  • Tap Dating Location;
  • Update your dating location;
  • Tap Save;

Short Love Stories

Taylor, 25

Since the app is somewhat new, I didn’t get the chance to do thorough research. I tried to connect with a few guys I know, and one of them responded. We’ve seen each other since then, and I’m really satisfied with how things worked out at the end.

Tina, 28

I had this guy in my Facebook friends, but we never actually talked or exchanged any contact at all. The moment I created my Facebook Dating profile, he appeared in the recommendation section. We talked, met in person. We’ve been together for two years now, and love is flourishing. I’m pleased now.

Service User Testimonial

Tamika, 26, Performer

The service is fairly new, so I wasn’t surprised that people just come here to lurk and see who their matches are but never really make contact. It’s just a fun thing to see who is around and get a list of matches, but I don’t think I’ll be able to find a date here.”