CoffeeMeetsBagel review

CoffeeMeetsBagel Review

Take your online dating to a whole new level by making each new connection meaningful and lasting
Top highlights:
– The site allows you to keep your online dating private;
– Replace swiping with meaningful connection;
– There are more females than males on the site;
– The site provides various relationship types;
– Make friends and find lasting connections;
– It’s possible to use the site for free.
Free Options
Mobile App
Extra Features
Female-friendly dating site with easy-to-use features;
Women are more responsive;
A range of free options;
Highly qualifiable matches;
Meaningful relationships.
A limited number of matches daily;
Profiles could include more details;
The mobile app could be better.
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Best for: People who need a break from swiping and are looking for higher quality connections.

Free options: While CoffeeMeetsBagel is a premium dating site in its essence, there are a lot of things you can do for free here, including messaging, freebies, and more.

Customer support: When it comes to solving problems and getting help, CoffeeMeetsBagel has an entire section dedicated to safety, security, and privacy where members can find everything they need to keep themselves safe. You can also directly contact the support team by submitting a request. It takes them less than 24h to reply.

Expert’s commentary: CoffeeMeetsBagel is a niche dating site that has been around for more than eight years now. The site is fully dedicated to people who want something more than just casual hookups and one-night stands. It gathers millions of people and provides a safe environment where you can thrive and work on your relationships. While this is a premium dating site, it’s possible to use it for free. Read our full CoffeeMeetsBagel review. 

Prevailing relationship format: More than 70% of members use the site to find meaningful relationships, but some use it for casual dating.

Raw numbers: 11,000,000 members from USA, 400,000 members active monthly, gender ratio: 60% females-40% males, users’ age range: 21-35

How Does the Service Work

CoffeMeetsBagel dating site is a female-friendly dating site and app that allows you to take your dating efforts to a whole new level and find something more than casual dates and hookups. If you’re fed up with all those swiping apps like Tinder, you should give this dating service a chance. 

How Does CoffeeMeetsBagel Work

With 60% females and 40% males, men are in for the best time of their lives. Aside from the fact that the site provides a 100% safe environment for people who are into finding meaningful relationships, it’s also possible to use some features for free. 

If you’re too busy to go through all that swiping, you can better use your time with CoffeeMeetsBagel. Use your Facebook account to create a profile and start receiving quality matches.

Sign Up Process

Setting up your profile on CoffeeMeetsBagel is an easy and straightforward process. Download the app, access the site via your browser, and use your existing Facebook profile to complete the registration process. To complete the signup process, follow these steps:

  • Provide your basic personal information;
  • Use your Facebook profile to speed up the registration process;
  • Finish the profile verification process by finishing three phrases;
  • Upload your Facebook photos and start looking for matches.

The moment you sign up, you’ll receive free Beans, and you’re free to start looking for matches. These Beans can be used to get several features, some of which include Read Receipts and Activity Reports. You will also be able to see more Bagels in the Suggested section. The best thing about CoffeeMeetsBagel is that you get to connect with your Facebook friends and invite them for a date.

Search Filters

CoffeeMeetsBagel allows you to use two options to find matches: Suggested and Discover. Suggested matches are the ones you’re most compatible with, while the Discover option enables you to tap into a broader range of potential partners that you may have missed before. 

Both options will help you keep your search for matches more fruitful and focused. Women will receive six new matches per day, while men receive 21 potential matches daily. To connect with your partners, you have to like them back, message them, or send a comment. 

Messaging System

CoffeeMeetsBagel Messaging System

CoffeeMeetsBagel provides all the necessary features you need to make contact with your matches. It’s essential to keep in mind that there is a limited window of time (7 days) to send messages to other members once a mutual match happens. 

You can choose between options in the Chat section:

  • Chat messages – send and receive messages for free;
  • Reopen chat – get to know your matches better by revisiting expired chats;
  • Takes – when you like someone in the Discover sections, that is known as “Take,” and it allows you to let others know you’re interested in them;
  • Likes – when you like someone’s profile, they will receive notifications about it;
  • Open Sesame – if you have mutual friends with other members, you can find them in the Open Sesame section;
  • Comment – get to know your potential matches even better;
  • Push notifications – get notified when others like you back.

Mobile App


CofeeMeetsBagel is designed to be a mobile app. While there is also a website, the app is much more user-friendly. You can see all the features and options on your mobile screen, with enlarged photos and videos transparently displayed. 

You can easily customize your view by using all available search filters to narrow your search for the best matches. The app works like any other standard dating app. If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find more options to customize your view and make the user experience even more enjoyable.

Reliability and Safety

According to users, the CoffeeMeetBagel dating site and app is a 100% safe dating service that provides all the necessary options members need to ensure their personal information remains protected. 

In case you need help, there is the Help page where you can find out everything about how to get started with the service, get more details about premium subscriptions, ask for help to solve any issues with your profile and account, report or block members, and more. 

Find out how to protect your account, what to do to disable it, how to manage your subscription, how to get in touch with customer support, and more.

Help & Support

When it comes to getting help and support on CoffeeMeetsBagel, there is an entire section dedicated to safety, security, and privacy. You can find all details you need to find out how to stay safe while using the app, report members, or cancel your membership. 

In case you want to get in contact with the support team, you can submit a request explaining the problem. It takes them less than a day to reply. Find out your options if you need to protect yourself and your information by visiting the Help Center.


CoffeeMeetsBagel allows you to use some of its features for free, but the real fun starts with a premium subscription. 

Free options include:

  • Access to the mobile app;
  • Create a profile;
  • Profile browsing;
  • Send messages;
  • Receive free Beans (on-app currency);

Paid options include:

  • Activity reports on matches;
  • Read messages and see when your messages are read;
  • Receive 6,000 Beans monthly;
  • 5 free Take(s);
  • Unlimited Woos (super likes);
  • Access to mutual friends for all matches;
  • Additional benefits like discounts.

CoffeeMeetsBagel accepts three payment options – credit card, PayPal, and mobile payments.

The prices are listed as follows:

  • 1 Month – 34.99 USD/Month 
  • 3 Months – 25.00 USD/Month
  • 6 Months – 20.00 USD/Month
  • 12 Months – 15.00 USD/Month

If you want to purchase Beans, the prices are shown below:

  • 100 Beans – 0.02 USD/Bean
  • 2,000 Beans – 0.01 USD/Bean
  • 3,000 Beans – 0.01 USD/Bean


CoffeeMeetsBagel dating site is a dating service that has been around for more than eight years. While there is a website, CoffeeMeetswBagel is more of a mobile app for online dating. The app provides a female-friendly environment where people who may or may not be friends on Facebook can find potential matches and start meaningful relationships. 

With 60% of members being girls, men are in for some exciting time here. The app offers both free and paid features, and it takes only a Facebook account to sign up. If you’ve always wanted to date your Facebook friends, this app allows you to do just that and more.

CoffeeMeetsBagel love story


What is CoffeeMeetsBagel?

CoffeeMeetsBagel is a mobile dating app available on Google Play that allows people worldwide to find potential matches, meaningful connections, and serious relationships. If you’re too busy to swipe and you’re looking for something more than casual dating, CoffeeMeetsBagel might just be for you.

How does CoffeeMeetsBagel work?

The app uses your Facebook information to provide you with the best matches according to your likes, preferences, mutual friends, and more. Men receive 21 quality matches daily, while women receive six highly compatible matches. Once your match likes you back, you can start messaging each other.

Why is it called CoffeeMeetsBagel?

The name is connected with the history of the app. Bagel is symbolic for New York – the city where the idea of the service was born. And getting coffee is the most popular activity for a first date. Bagel + coffee represent a perfect match.

The site sends Bagels (matches) to members daily. It’s like your personal bagel delivery service; only you receive potential partners instead of bagels.

How to delete a CoffeeMeetsBagel account?

To delete your account, first, you need to put it on hold. You can do that by going over to the Profile section. Click on Settings and then Deactivate and select “Indefinite.” To delete the account, simply click Delete Account in the Settings menu. 

Short Love Stories

Maria, 24

I’ve been friends on Facebook with this guy for two years but never got him actually to talk about his feelings for me. I finally managed to get his attention via the CoffeeMeetsBagel app. We’re dating now.

Mia, 22

CoffeeMeetsBagel is an excellent app for dating your Facebook friends without all those awkward situations. I tried it; it works.

Service Users’ Testimonials

Jannet, 32

I got sick of receiving countless stupid messages on Tinder and decided to try something new. I’ve come across this app on the net randomly and decided to give it a try. After a while, I’ve found three guys that I knew from Facebook. One of them turned out to be the man of my dreams. We’ve been in a relationship for two years now. Best dating app ever.