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Christian Cafe Review

Online Coffee Shop for Christian Dating
Top highlights
– A dating site owned by a Christian, for Christians;
– It is a valuable resource for Christian dating; 
– The membership cost is not expensive, and you get a lot in return; 
– There is a 10-day free trial you can use to check out the site; 
– Over 20,000 couples got married after meeting at Christian Cafe
Mobile App
Free Options
Raw numbers
Exclusive platform for Christian dating
No email limits
Extensive profiles with a lot of details
Many search features for finding the right people
Lots of testimonials
No free version;
Customer support can sometimes be slow;
The mobile app is lacking;
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Who should use it: Christian Cafe is a dating site best suited to Christian singles looking to find serious relationships. 

Free options: This dating site has a 7-day free trial period that can be extended with three more days if you provide a photo. Apart from this, the site can’t be used for free, and you need to become a member to use the site. 

Customer support: The customer support on Christian Cafe is relatively solid. The response time is nice, and there are various contact methods, including chat, email, phone, Facebook, Whatsapp, and so on.

Expert’s commentary: This is a great dating site for Christians – it’s right up there with Eharmony. The only thing lacking is the number of members. However, this is expected from this kind of demographic. 

Prevailing relationship format: Since this is a Christian dating platform, the relationships are according to Christian values. All the people on the platform are single and looking for serious relationships. At the same time, there’s little to no room for gay dating. 

Important numbers: Over 2 million members across the world. Around 1 million members are based in the USA. Gender balance is at 50% male and female. The site has over 5k daily logins. Members are highly active, and there is a lot of diversity in terms of nationalit.

How Does The Service at Christian Cafe Work

Christian Cafe was launched in 1999. It’s an exclusively Christian dating platform for single people looking for love. A Christian also owns the platform, and members can rest assured that they will find people who are similar to them on the platform. 

The platform isn’t designed for casual dating and doesn’t promote it in any way. Over 25,000 married couples have met on Christian Cafe. 

Sign Up Process

Simply go to the website and click sign up. You will have to give some basic personal information like your date of birth, gender, zip code, country, the city you’re living in, and your email address. After that, you create your username.

Christian Cafe Sign Up Process

The next step is setting up your profile with additional information like religious activities, work-related information, education, and so on. The next step is optional, and it involves answering a couple of questions about yourself to get matched better. 

Finally, you can upload your photo or not. We suggest you do this because you will have a better chance of getting noticed by someone. Once you’ve gone through this, you’ll receive your username and password generated by the site. 

Search Filters

Christian Cafe is all about faith and Christian values; even the search filters are designed this way. You can search for people by their convictions. Users can search for people who believe in good, those who are still figuring out their fate, and those who are defined by their faith. 

You can also filter search results by how often users go to church and their denominational preferences. It’s possible to narrow down profiles by their activity as well. 

The “Quick Match” search instantly finds you members that are a good fit for you based on your profile and the answers you gave. There’s also the “Who’s Online” option you can use to see who recently logged in and contact people from the list. 

Messaging System 

No matter how you find other members, you can reach out to them via messages. The app lets you send out messages to anyone on the platform. Of course, if someone on the platform blocks you, you won’t be able to contact them. 

Christian Cafe Messaging System

You can chat with other users directly from the app, or you can do it via email. Of course, other users would first have to give you their email address. 

All premium members can exchange their information, send emails, winks, or direct messages. For every message you receive, you’ll get an email notification as well. 

Mobile App 

The Christian Cafe website was the only service for a long time, and it shows. Even though there is an app, it is certainly lacking. The app doesn’t have all the website features, even though you are a premium user. 

Basically, it lets you do searches and messaging only. The design looks very outdated and basic. Features like “Prayer,” where you can write prayers, and “Forum,” where you can talk to multiple people on a subject, aren’t available on mobile. 

That’s simply not enough. Why should you use the app if it limits the functionality of the platform? 

Reliability and Safety 

Christian Cafe openly says that they have access to the personal information of its members. However, they obligate themselves to protect this data. At the same time, this information isn’t shared with anyone.

If users want, they can give permission to the site to get advertisements from the site’s partners. If not, your information won’t be shared with anyone. 

Employees can also access accounts and conversations but only when there are problems, and they need to protect their members. After all, removing fake profiles and unsuitable members requires a bit of control. 

Help & Support 

Christian Cafe has a lot of different channels through which you can contact customer support. They have a dedicated phone number: +1 866-249-5093 and an email: In most cases, you will have to wait for a couple of hours on average to get answers, which is not terrible. 

You can also contact people on their social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter. Still, some other dating sites are much more responsive and deal with issues straight away. The important thing is that Christin Cafe support is very thorough, and they address every issue carefully. 


Unlike other platforms, Christian Cafe doesn’t have a free membership option. You can only try it out through a free trial, which lasts for a week. 

The free trial lets you: 

  • Set up your profile with basic information; 
  • Look at other member profiles; 
  • Check out all the functionalities and features; 
  • Do everything except share information and contact other members; 

Upgrading to premium membership lets you: 

  • Send messages; 
  • Contact people via email;
  • Send winks; 
  • Use the Prayer feature;
  • Use the Forum;
  • Search for users; 
  • Share contact information; 
  • Customize your profile to the fullest; 

Christian Cafe offers these payment options: 

  • PayPal
  • Debit payments 
  • Credit cards 
  • Bank transfers 


It’s a humble dating site meant for creating meaningful relationships through Christian values. It’s one of the best Christian dating sites in terms of finding people and connecting them through Jesus. 

Christian Cafe testimonials

It focuses on this aspect and lets you customize your profile to showcase your beliefs and search for people with similar convictions. It’s worth trying out if you are looking for something like this. 

FAQ Section 

Who owns Christian Cafe? 

The founder and owner of Christian Cafe, Sam Moorcroft, is a dedicated Christian who wanted to help people in his community connect with each other. 

How can I try out the free trial? 

Simply click on the “free trial” button somewhere on the site. It’s everywhere, and you can miss it. After entering basic information, you are good to go. 

Will my account switch to the premium membership after the trial has expired? 

No, the site will inform you that your free trial is expired, and you will be asked to make a payment. 

How can I get extra three days of the free trial? 

Simple, just go to your account and profile settings. Upload a profile photo, and you’ll automatically receive a three days extra trial period. 

Where do I change the password? 

Go to account settings and click on password. 

Short Love Stories 

Kate, 28

I live in a small town in the US, and finding a man of faith was always difficult for me. Thank god that I’ve found Christian Cafe! In just two weeks, I met the love of my life, and we are happily married today.

John, 45

Found my wife on Christian Cafe back in 2015. It’s a great place where I even met a couple of friends. I liked the fact that there are no fake profiles or non-believers on the site.

Service User Testimonial

Michael, 33

Christian Cafe is really easy to use and set up. I didn’t have any experience with similar dating platforms before joining. I love the fact that you can use all the functionalities during the free trial. After all, you want to know what you’re paying for. All the accounts are real, and you can always talk to someone. A good community for good people.