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Bumble Review

bumble dating
Female-friendly mobile dating app for females who are always on the move
Top Highlights:
– Bumble is a female-friendly, mobile dating service that allows females to initiate communication;
– The service is intended for anyone 18+;
– Creating a profile is easy, takes only a minute, and requires a Facebook account;
– The service guarantees increased privacy and safety of the members;
– Women are encouraged to make the first move by including a 24-hour time limitation on the site;
Free options
Customer support
Raw numbers
Women have the advantage of making the first move and initiating communication while males wait for interested parties;
Chat availability is limited to 24 hours only, encouraging women to turn the conversation into action;
BFF mode allows members to use the app to create meaningful connections and form friendships;
Additional features are available for free;
Visually-focused profiles limit your options on expressing your personality;
Men can’t initiate conversations or make moves; they have to wait for women to start the conversation;
New users need to have Facebook accounts to use the app or use their phone number to sign up;



Best for adult females looking for males for the sake of casual dating and hookups.

Free options: The service allows the users to use the app for free to create profiles, get match suggestions, access chat, and messaging service, get one re-match per day, and download the app for free.

Customer support: The Bumble dating site has a privacy policy that allows the company to use web technologies, such as CAPTCHAs, to keep all members safe. It’s possible to report any member, and the service will handle the rest. In case you need to contact the Bumble Support Team, you can do it within the app, via email, or through Facebook Support and Twitter Support pages.

Expert’s commentary: Bumble is a mobile, female-friendly dating app where girls have the advantage of making the first move. The app has been around since 2014, and it contributed a lot to the spreading of the casual dating culture. Males have to wait for females to initiate conversation.

Prevailing relationship format: Finding casual dates and hookups, as well as creating connections and forming friendships.

Raw numbers: 11,000,000 members from USA, 700,000 active monthly, gender proportion: 38% males – 60% females, average rating: 4.0/5, recommended age: 25-34

How Does the Service Work

Bumble is a mobile dating app mostly designed to help women take charge of shaping their own dating experiences online. The app has been around since 2014, but the most exciting thing about it is its developer. 

Whitney Wolfe is a former Tinder employee who developed the app with the primary goal to create a dating app similar to Tinder, but with one main difference – it’s the females who make all the moves. Females use the app to find casual dates and hookups, as well as friendships and relationships.

Sign Up Process

If you already have a Facebook account, signing up for Bumble is easy. Your Facebook account will be enough to provide all of the necessary information. If you don’t want to create a Facebook account, you can use your phone number to sign up. Once you enter the app, you’ll see the Sign In section. 

Bumble Sign Up Process

Follow the steps to sign up by choosing to:

  • Continue with Apple or Facebook
  • Sign up with your number

The app will require your location to show the recommended matches from nearby vicinity. You’ll also be required to provide a profile photo to finish the registration process.

Search Filters

The app doesn’t have a search option but instead provides suggested matches based on your preferences. If other members match your preferences, the app keeps providing suggested matches. This is the main difference between Bumble and Tinder-like dating apps.

Here, it’s the girls that hold all the cards. They are the ones who initiate the conversation. That aside, the interface is similar to Tinder. New users get match suggestions, and they swipe right if they are interested or left if they’re not. 

If the other members also swipe right, girls have 24 hours to send a message. If you receive a message from a female member, you also have 24 hours to message her back. 

Messaging system

Since male members need to wait for the females to send the initiating message, they can send emoji reactions to make things smoother and break the ice. Once the male receives the message, they have 24 hours to message back. 

If they receive another message, they can continue with the conversation. These are the rules for heterosexual matches. For the same-sex matches, either of you is free to send the first message. For those who deem this messaging system a bit limiting, there is a casual dating category that offers a more engaging environment.

Mobile App

Bumble is a mobile dating app that uses either your Facebook account or phone number to allow you to use its services. Using the app is pretty simple, and the same goes for navigating the app. Swipe left or right to like or dislike other users. 

Bumble Mobile App

If the users like each other, it’s a match, and they can start a conversation. The app also provides a 24-hour window to respond to messages by starting a chat. If a female sends a male a message, he also has 24 hours to reply. 

The mobile app comes in both premium and free versions, with the premium version being called Bumble Boost. The free version provides everything from serious relationships and casual dating to hookups and friendships.

Reliability and Safety

When it comes to reliability, security, and safety, Bumble has a strict privacy policy that transparently notes that the app is free to use cookies and all available web technologies, such as CAPTCHAs, to guarantee members’ security. 

The app also allows you to report any member who makes you feel uncomfortable. Personal information is highly regarded, and there are security measures in place to ensure members’ safety. Even though the app requires your Facebook information, it won’t post anything on your feed. 

The app makes sure your actions are discrete, and it never lets any of your Facebook friends find out about your online dating escapades.

Help & Support

The app doesn’t have customer support on its own. Instead, it employs a team that is always available to you. While there isn’t a customer support number, you can contact the Bumble support team online 24/7/365 in three different ways:

  • Contact & FAQ allows members to contact support directly within the app;
  • Via an email;
  • Through the app’s Twitter Support or Facebook Support page;

You can find more information about help, support, and security by checking Bumble’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages.


Bumble is available in both free and premium versions. The app was originally designed as a free dating app, but the developer added the premium services later on.

The free version of the app allows you to:

  • Create a profile;
  • Receive match suggestions;
  • Access chat and messaging service;
  • Get on re-match per day with an expired connection;
  • Download the Bumble app for free;

Premium services include:

  • Extending connections for 24 hours;
  • Getting re-matches with expired connections;
  • Access to additional features like SuperSwipe;
  • See a list of members who liked your profile;

Available payment methods include:

  • Via mobile phone;
  • PayPal;
  • Credit card;


If you’re an 18+ female looking for a reliable dating app that you can use on the go to control your online dating experience completely, we’d say Bumble is a good choice. First of all, you can use the app absolutely for free. Then, the app lets females take the lead. 

Even though the profile quality could be better, the app functions correctly. It provides a safe environment for both males and females to engage in casual dating, hookups, relationships, and friendships. 


What is a Bumble dating site?

Bumble dating site is a female-friendly dating app that allows females to control their online dating experience by putting them in control. Males need to wait for females to initiate the first contact to engage in conversation. The app comes in both premium and free versions. You can create an account by using your Facebook profile or a phone number.

How does a Bumble dating site work?

Bumble dating app works by providing suggestions of possible and potential matches to the users. Women choose who they want to connect with by sending messages. Instead of using a search option, the app provides the users with suggested matches based on their preferences. 

The app allows you to use all its features for free, while the premium version will enable you to use premium features for more effortless and more personalized matching.

What kind of people use a dating site like Bumble?

All 18+ adult males and females use the Bumble dating site. The app gathers 11,000,000 members from the USA, with 60% being females. If you’re looking for casual dates, hookups, a serious relationship or friendship, chances are that you’ll find it on Bumble.

How many people are there on the Bumble dating site?

Bumble dating site gathers 11,000,000 members from the USA, with around 700,000 new members coming each month.

Short Love Stories

Tina, 28

I decided to use Bumble to find a casual date, and the app served its purpose great. I’ve met my long-time partner and friend, and we’ve been together for a very long time now. I didn’t even realize that the man of my dreams was living just 5 miles away from me. I’d recommend Bumble to all girls who want to let off some steam for one night only. On the other hand, Bumble is so much more. It’s all up to you in the end.

Service User Testimonial

Allie, Librarian’s Assistant, 22

With other dating sites, I got a lot of unwanted attention in the form of indecent proposals and sometimes, even nude pictures! I joined Bumble because I didn’t want to deal with any of that. The app allows me to message only the guys I’m interested in. The only downside is that this app’s profiles completely lack information, so it’s hard to tell which ones are creeps and which ones are decent guys based on their looks alone. If they just added more information on a user’s profile page, I would love this app.